45 Ideas for a Coupon Book

45 Ideas for a Coupon Book

Love is but one word to describe your devotion. Although potent word by itself, sometimes it's difficult to just talk. In time the best of relationships develops a crust of routine and rote. 

It is always best to add a little spark and spontaneity to any relationship everynow and then. 

Love coupons will help you create new memories with your significant other.

You will have fun and do things you both enjoy together. 

It's best to be creative with these things. The more personal love coupons are the more powerful their effects will be. Everyone needs a starting point however. Here you will find 45 ideas to get you started. 


  1. Home cooked meal 
  2. Breakfast in bed 
  3. Personal bartender 
  4. Friday night drinks 
  5. Picnic in the park 
  6. Order my favorite food 
  7. Out for ice cream 
  8. Dinner at my favorite restaurant 
  9. Dinner and a movie 
  10. A night out in town
  11. Get the car washed
  12. Control the Remote 
  13. Doing a load of laundry 
  14. Day / Week of doing dishes 
  15. Weekend getaway 
  16. Daytime date 
  17. Date night 
  18. Game night 
  19. You and me time 
  20. Day of compliments 
  21. Outdoor adventure 
  22. An intimate slow dance 
  23. A Tech-free day 
  24. A Day at the beach 
  25. Day of no complaints 
  26. A Day in Pajamas 
  27. A Day at the beach 
  28. A Day at the spa 
  29. A Day at the museum 
  30. A Day at the zoo 
  31. A Day at the shelter 
  32. A Day at the amusement park 
  33. A Romantic afternoon walk 
  34. One veto on anything 
  35. One decision is all yours 
  36. You win the argument 
  37. Get out of trouble free
  38. Ask me anything 
  39. Write me a love letter
  40. Write me a love poem 
  41. Give me a hug
  42. Give me a kiss 
  43. Watching the stars together 
  44. Bake together 
  45. Pick the movie    

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